Setup with products demo data

When first setting up GD Products Center plugin, it can be useful to start with the set of data already prepared to help you understanding the way it all works. This tutorial contains demo data and instructions on how to install it. Make sure you follow instructions closely and follow up with other tutorials suggested.

Theme Templates Integration: Example

Now is the time to see how to make a full theme templates support on the example. We will use free theme called Delicate (available here: This is clean and simple template and it will be easy to modify to underline the whole process.

Theme Templates Integration: Content

In previous tutorial we have learn what theme templates are needed for plugin to work. Now, we need to see how each template looks like. We will see full templates content for all 6 templates plugin needs. If you have more than one product type, you need 2 more templates for each one.

Theme Templates Integration: Basics

GD Products Center plugin has own rendering, but it requires a little help from the theme: it needs few templates added so that theme can make a call to the plugin rendering engine. Plugin makes a job of integration really easy, not only for our xScape based themes, but for any other theme.

Expanding Titles using Filters

To generate titles to be used in HEAD TITLE tag, plugin uses different functions for single product or company page, archives for companies or products and compare pages. Since there are many ways to generate title, plugin allows users to hook into these functions and to generate own names. To do this, plugin uses following […]


gdpc_title_companies_archive File name: code/core/seo.php Parameters: $new_title: title generated by the plugin $title: title for company archive pages, generated by WordPress $company_type: current company type object $archive_parts: associated list of elements to be used in title Notice: Plugin will generate title based on current company type, page number in the archives and current filter (partially). Plugin uses […]


gdpc_title_company File name: code/core/seo.php Parameters: $new_title: title for single company, used in the page HEAD block. $title: title generated by WordPress, unchanged $company_type: current company company type object $single_parts: associated list of elements to be used in title Notice: Plugin will generate title based on current company and page type. Plugin uses $archive_parts to assemble title.


Render value for a single product code (international product code). %CODE:NAME% Name represents code to display value for: ASIN EAN8 EAN13 UPC