Product: GD Star Rating

Create Average Rating Badge

In some cases it is useful to have smaller badge showing rating only, instead of whole rating block. This can be achieved relatively easy with use of T2 templates for both standard and multi ratings. All this involves, is a template, an image for background and a bit of CSS for styling.

Ultimate Guide: Comment review system

Since there are many ways  to integrate into comment form and comments to add review system that allows submittal of ratings/reviews with the comments, I decided to put on new tutorial that shows different scenarios for this, and solutions for each one of them.

Cache support with W3 Total Cache plugin

If you use page caching for your website with some cache plugin, ratings may not be always up to date because most visitors will get cached version of the page with outdated rating. But, there is a way to fix this and allow display of actual ratings using dynamic loading.

Make comment form integrated ratings required

If you integrate ratings into comments form, it can be useful if you can make them mandatory. So, if the user doesn’t enter rating, form will not be submitted. To implement this, you need to add some JavaScript code that uses the plugin implemented functions to check this.


gdsr_vote_rating_multis File name: code/blg/votes.php Parameters: $post_id: post ID $user: user ID $set_id: multi set ID $values: votes values $rating: average rating