Product: gdr2


gdr2_html_id_from_name($name, $id = “”) $name: control name value. $id: control id value. Get valid ID for HTML control from name. Function returns: valid id.


$widgetdomain_cached gdr2_widgets_cached File name: gdr2.widget.php Parameters $cached: integer value for cache length. $this: widget object. Replace $widgetdomain with set domain. If not changed this value is: ‘gdr2_widgets’.


$widgetdomain_visibility gdr2_widgets_visibility File name: gdr2.widget.php Parameters $visible: true or false if the widget is visible or not. $this: widget object. Replace $widgetdomain with set domain. If not changed this value is: ‘gdr2_widgets’.


gdr2_widget_excerpt File name: gdr2.widget.php Parameters “”: empty text. $content: full content to get excerpt from. $words_count: number of words for excerpt from widgets settings. $id: post or comment id. $widget_base: name code for the widget.


esc_xml File name: gdr2.fnc.php Parameters $safe_text: filtered text $text: original text


gdr2_core_bots_list File name: gdr2.core.php Parameters $spiders: list of user agents for spiders or bots


gdr2_get_post_parent($post_id) $post_id: post ID to check Get post ID for post parent. Returns: ID for post parent.


gdr2_post_has_parent($post_id) $post_id: post ID to check Check if post has parent post. Returns: true if has parent, false if it has no parent


gdr2_remove_from_array_by_value($arr, $val, $preserve = false) $arr: input array. $val: value to remove. $preserve: preserver keys. Remove from array by value. Function returns: array new array.