Product: Layouts Manager

Working with page templates

As any other WordPress theme, xScape Theme Framework based themes can use page templates. Number of templates is already included with every theme (archive, twitter, sitemap…), but adding new templates is also easy to do and customize the way you need it. Before we continue, I recommend that you go through other tutorials about layouts […]

xScape Templates Layout, Part 4: Customizing Templates

Previous tutorials on layout in xScape explained the structure of the layouts, how the templates are loaded and now is the time to see how to change default templates. There are two methods to do this and both have own uses, so what you decide on using, it depends on what you need done.

xScape Templates Layout, Part 3: Content Loading

Previously we have seen how header (HTML HEAD block) and footer (last part after content) are made and loaded by the xScape and what can you do to expand it and control. Now, we are going through the main part of the theme layout structure, inside BODY tag: the content.

xScape Templates Layout, Part 2: Header & Footer

As explained in previous tutorial, xScape loads page template using layout settings and assembling blocks. Process is same for all themes with the difference regarding additional blocks that can vary from theme to theme. Framework uses filters and actions to control loading.

xScape Templates Layout, Part 1: Overview

For the most part, xScape templates are based on normal WordPress structure. But, to make customization and working with different blocks easier, page layout is broken into smaller elements that can be controlled through Layout Manager for each templates individually.

Custom Content Templates

xScape Layouts Manager allows much more flexibility in controlling and using templates with xScape themes. Custom templates allows separating content for any template and still retain use of layout manager and easy assigning of the custom content templates to any actual template.

Adding custom page Templates

Page templates in xScape Framework Themes are working the same way as with any other theme. But, creating template is a bit different. As with all other templates, template has two files: one is loaded by WP, and other one is actual content of the page template.

Layouts Using Master Template

Layouts Manager uses master template for settings that are shared among different templates. This makes changing settings across templates easier. Master template is not used directly, but only to get settings for other templates that are set to use master settings.

Introducing Layouts Manager

Layouts Manager is powerful tool that will help you control individual WordPress templates, settings for layout elements on each one and sidebars registered in WordPress. This is only first tutorial on the subject, rest of them will be for premium members only.