Product: Serenity


xscape_serenity_featured_slider_posts File name: templates/blocks/featured_slider.php Parameters: $args: arguments for the WP_Query object With this you can modify the arguments used to get posts for the slider. Arguments passed to this filter are prepared based on the slider settings for the current page.


xscape_serenity_slider_query File name: templates/blocks/featured_slider.php Parameters: $query: null Use this filter to return fully formed WP_Query object instance. From this query posts for slider will be used.

Serenity Theme Intro

Serenity is photo or portfolio theme, and is first theme based on xScape Theme Framework done with HTML5. Theme uses Nivo Slider on front layout and normal layouts and has separate portfolio layout for archives. Serenity is core only theme, and requires xScape Core installed.