Main framework SEO module class.

function __construct()

public generate_title($sep, $display = true)

  • $sep: separator for title elements.
  • $display: echo the title or return string.

Generate the title for the page.

public description()

Generate and print description meta tag for the page.

public keywords()

Generate and print keywords meta tag for the page.

public tags()

Get tags for the current post.
Function returns: array list of found tags.

public excerpt($post = null, $length = 0, $end = ‘…’, $p = true, $no_link = false)

  • $post: post to get excerpt for. null to use current post..
  • $length: lenght for the exceprt, represents number of words..
  • $end: what to and at the end of the excerpt.
  • $p: envelop excerpt into P tag.
  • $no_link: don’t add post link.

Generate exceprt for a post.
Function returns: string generated excerpt.

public title($display = true)

  • $display: echo the title or return string.

Get title using different methods.
Function returns: string rendered title.


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