xss_archives_content($type = "auto", $more_link_text = "Read the rest of this entry »", $post = null, $length = 0, $end = '...', $forced = false, $p = true, $no_link = false)

  • $post: full post object. leave empty to use global.
  • $type: what to display. set to ‘auto’ will use control panel settings. use ‘excerpt’ or ‘content’.
  • $more_link_text: text to use for read more link.
  • $length: excerpt length (for xScape generated excerpt).
  • $end: excerpt ending string, read more.
  • $forced: force use of xScape excerpt regardless of settings.
  • $p: wrap excerpt in P tag (for xScape generated excerpt).
  • $no_link: don’t add link for read more (for xScape generated excerpt).

Display content for the post archive pages. It can display content or excerpt. Excerpt is controlled by several additional parameters. Excerpt display depends on $forced parameter and settings for the theme and framework.


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