[ xss_box ]content[ /xss_box ]

Insert DIV block that uses Blueprint grid system. To get max values for columns, check theme settings panel. Themes don’t have same size or grid dimensions.

  • width: width of the box in percentage.
  • columns: number of grid columns. Either this or width must be specified.
  • first: true/false, box is the first one, and this will apply the clear class to the DIV.
  • last: true/false, if box is the last in the line, it needs this to fit in the line.
  • style: additional styling to add.
  • class: additional classes to add.

[ xss_box columns=7 first=true ]My content[ /xss_box ]
[ xss_box width=50 first=true last=true ]My content[ /xss_box ]


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