Render main image for the product.


Size parameter can take one of the following values with default sizes:

  • main: 224 x 224
  • side: 160 x 256
  • gallery: 160 x 160
  • grid: 192 x 192
  • list: 112 x 112
  • button: 64 x 64
  • thumb: 40 x 40
  • logo: 120 x 48

Also, you can use default WP sizes: thumbnail, medium, large, full and post-thumbnail.

  • 1st – click on the image will lead to the product or image if this is specified as LINKED
  • 2nd – if the link is to the image, this will add REL attribute to lightbox by specifing it as LIGHTBOX
  • 3rd – if linked, where the link leads: IMAGE or PRODUCT, if not specified, it will be IMAGE

This tag works only with the single type templates.




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