wp_gdsr_show_comment_review($comment_id = 0, $use_default = true, $size = 20, $style = "oxygen", $echo = true)

  • $comment_id: ID for the comment to display rating from. If this is set to 0, than it must be used within the comment loop, and id of current comment will be used..
  • $use_default: set to true tell this function to render stars using default settings for stars set on settings panel, false tells to use $size and $style parameters.
  • $size: size of the stars to render, must be valid value: 12, 20, 30, 46.
  • $style: name of the stars set to use, name of the folder for the set.
  • $echo: echo results or return it as a string.

Shows stars with review rating of a comment.

Function returns: string html with rendered contents.


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