• $args: array with parameters, listed bellow.

Render results same as the Terms List widget. $args array can contain following parameters

  • post_types: post type to use for filtering.
  • taxonomy: taxonomy to get terms from.
  • number: number of terms to display.
  • orderby: data to use for ordering of terms: name, count, rand.
  • order: sorting order: asc, desc.
  • hide_empty: hide empty terms from the list (1 or 0).
  • mark_current: current item will get current class (1 or 0).
  • exclude: terms ID’s to exclude.
  • display_render: how to display list: list, drop.
  • display_hierarchy: should the hierarchy be displayed (1 or 0).
  • show_option_none: title to display for first element in drop down version.
  • display_count: display post count for each term.
  • display_css: additional CSS class to add to rendered block.


gdtt_widget_terms_list(array(‘taxonomy’ => ‘post_tag’, ‘number’ => 15));


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