Class used to get description and keywords from text. This class is based on original phpSEO class written by Chema Garrido.

function __construct($text = null)

public getMetaDescription($len = null)

  • $len: length for the description.

Get the description.
Function returns: string.

public getKeyWords($mKw = null)

  • $mKw: number of keywords.

Get the list of keywords.
Function returns: array list of the keywords.

public setText($text)

  • $text: content for parsing.

Set the content for parsing.

public getText()

Get the content.
Function returns: string content.

public setDescriptionLen($len)

  • $len: length for the descritpion.

Set length for the description.

public getDescriptionLen($len)

Get length for the description.
Function returns: int length for the descritpion

public setMaxKeywords($len)

  • $len: number of keywords.

Set number of keywords.

public getMaxKeywords()

Get number of keywords.

Function returns: int number of keywords

public setMinWordLen($len)

  • $len: minimal keyword length

Set minimal keyword length.

public getMinWordLen()

Get minimal keyword length.
Function returns: int minimal keyword length.

public setBannedWords($words)

  • $words: comma separated keywords string or array with keywords.

Set list of banned keywords.

public getBannedWordss()

Get the list of banned words.
Function returns: array list of banned words.

public cmp($a, $b)

  • $a: first value to compare.
  • $b: second value to compare.

Compare two values to determine if they are equal, smaller or bigger.
Function returns: int 0 if equal, 1 if $a is smaller, -1 if $b is smaller.


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