Rating Settings Explained, Part 3

The third installment of the settings explained covers both star rating and thumbs, and explains all their settings, defaults, rules and auto insertion. If you still need more explanations, please leave a question in the forum, and we will answer it or make another tutorial.


  1. theemailcompany says:

    I want to have users own their ratings.

    Example: A rating block will be inserted as part of the comment process. When a user wants to vote they will fill out the their name website the comment and captcha plus check off the stars asociated to a multi rating. Once the comment is approved then the rating will show up.

    I then want to display a cum,ulitive suimar of all the rating asscoiated to a post in the post template.

    user will vote by submitting a comments. So only rating with submitted comments will show.

    Please see sample page:


  2. MillaN says:

    That’s what we call comment integration, and is supported by the plugin. Procedure for that is very simple, and is described in tutorial on the official website. Also, you can use our StarScape theme as an example since this theme has implemented both multi rating and standard rating integration.


  3. theemailcompany says:

    Thanks MillaN will give it a try. BTW…the plugin is great…but the premium support is greater :o)

  4. MillaN says:

    If you have any problems with that, please ask. And also, this integration feature will be a integrated into all upcoming xScape themes (both free and premium).

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