Ratings Comments Integration

This is not actually a tutorial, but a link to one. Tutorial for comments integration is written by Matteo Cominetti (Teocomi) on his blog. It covers the topic better than my old articles on official website, and I really recommend checking it out if you need something like that done on your blog.

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  1. Bayo says:

    Hi Millan, the link provided does not take you to a tutorial. I think the site is down.

  2. MillaN says:

    Thanks for reporting, it is now fixed.

  3. Jack says:

    Hi Milan.

    The links provided in the page http://teocomi.com/gd-star-rating-itegrating-comments/
    on these sentences “this two tutorials part 1 and part 2” are dead.

  4. MillaN says:

    They are not dead, just the URL’s have changed, and instead www. it is v1. now.

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