Requirements and Installation

Installation of themes based on xScape theme framework is easy and not much different from regular themes. First activated, theme will try to set everything automatically, but that can fail, and than you will get the error report with the link to the solution.


For theme to work you must use WordPress 2.9 or newer. There are some additional settings for Multisite environments, but more on that later. WordPress 3.0/3.1 is also fully supported, and it works in both modes as a single or multi site installation. Themes work with PHP 5.x. PHP4 is not supported.


As with any other theme, unpack the archive into WordPress Themes folder. And activate it from the Appearance/Themes panel. First loaded, theme will try to create storage folders needed for caching of resized images, for upload and download of images.

xScape Folders
xScape Folders

Single WP Installation

This goes for 2.9.x and WordPress 3.x in single instance mode. Theme will attempt to create folder ‘xscape’ in ‘wp-content’ folder. Within this folder additional folder will be created. But, if theme fails to make any of them, an error will be displayed. If that happens, you need to create this folder manually, and set it to CHMOD 0755, that folder must be writable.

xScape MS folders
xScape MS folders

For the most part that is enough, and theme will created subfolder within that main one. But, if that fails, you need to create the rest of the folders manually, and they all must be writable. Image on the right shows exact folder structure you need to have, all ‘xscape’ folders must be writable.

Multi site WP Installation

Folder structure is the same, but in different location. Also, each blog must have own ‘xscape’ folder and subfolders, and the image on the right shows how that should look like. Each blog can activate the theme, and have own folders for files storage.


You can always upgrade theme manually, by unpacking the new version archive into Themes folder. But, you can also use Dev4Press Updater plugin that is able to get updates for new versions, and automatically download them and install them. To use this plugin, you must have Premium license for a theme you are using.


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