Upgrade backup of changed files

xScape 1.4.5 adds new feature allowing backup of changed and added files. Dev4Press Updater will trigger backup before upgrading to new version. Setting files for backup is really simple and will be shown in the next video tutorial. But, what to set for backup?


Usually, most of the custom code goes into functions.php file. This file is included for backup by default. xScape only has one line in this file and whatever you add here needs to be kept. If you add custom page templates, you need to back them up also. If these templates have own content templates, they are stored in /templates/content/ folder, so you should include them also. If you added own files in the theme, include them also. You can include full folders or only individual files.

For backup

Base template files (index, archive, author…) will never change. So if you made any change to them, you should add them to the list to be backed up. As for the content files in the /templates/ folder, files in there are usually changed if the things need to be fixed, I usually don’t add anything new there after the theme is released. If you make many changes to files in this folder, I recommend setting full folder for backup. If you added new style into the /styles/ folder, you should add both CSS and images folder you maybe added to the lists for backup. All this will be shown in the video tutorial.

Don’t backup

I don’t recommend changing framework folders (/xscape/ and /extend/) and marking them for backup because they will contain changes in each new version. Similar thing is with /theme/ folder where most theme specific functions and code is stored and is often changed with updates.


Procedure is tested with both Windows and Linux servers and requirements for this to work is very basic. Folder where backups are stored is within the main xScape storage folder. This folder is located in wp-content folder. This storage folder must be writable for WordPress and this is general xScape requirement, so if that is already done, backups will work fine. Backups are always created as ZIP archives and for that xScape usesĀ PclZip library that is part of WordPress already.

If you have any problems or suggestions with this, leave a comment or post in the forum.


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