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Setup with products demo data

When first setting up GD Products Center plugin, it can be useful to start with the set of data already prepared to help you understanding the way it all works. This tutorial contains demo data and instructions on how to install it. Make sure you follow instructions closely and follow up with other tutorials suggested.

Theme Templates Integration: Example

Now is the time to see how to make a full theme templates support on the example. We will use free theme called Delicate (available here: This is clean and simple template and it will be easy to modify to underline the whole process.

Theme Templates Integration: Content

In previous tutorial we have learn what theme templates are needed for plugin to work. Now, we need to see how each template looks like. We will see full templates content for all 6 templates plugin needs. If you have more than one product type, you need 2 more templates for each one.

Theme Templates Integration: Basics

GD Products Center plugin has own rendering, but it requires a little help from the theme: it needs few templates added so that theme can make a call to the plugin rendering engine. Plugin makes a job of integration really easy, not only for our xScape based themes, but for any other theme.

Walkthrough: Menu Designer and Setup

xScape Theme Framework 1.9 brings major update to menu designer implementation with additional settings panel, support for menu item icons (using Font Awesome) and use of responsive menus to replace old Superfish menus (only for new and responsive themes).

Setup and control for Compare Box

New GD Products Center 1.2 no longer includes comparison basket widget, and instead you have Compare Box. This is not sidebar related control, and it can be placed anywhere on the page. Plugin has own methods for adding it to the page, but you can change that.

WP_Query modifications for Products pages

When GD Products Center plugin is active, it will attempt to detect and initialize itself for pages types related to products. When such page is detected, plugin will make modifications to main WordPress Query object and prepare for rendering output related to products.

Upgrade Guide: Migration to Brand in v1.2

GD Products Center 1.2 adds support for company types (Brand and Seller added). If you used taxonomies to add Brand/Manufacturer to product types with previous plugin versions, it is important to switch to Brand company type, and this video will show you how to do it.

Create Average Rating Badge

In some cases it is useful to have smaller badge showing rating only, instead of whole rating block. This can be achieved relatively easy with use of T2 templates for both standard and multi ratings. All this involves, is a template, an image for background and a bit of CSS for styling.